Can I refund a donor’s money?

Share.Habitat works diligently to ensure the integrity of our systems and the safety of our donor’s financial contribution. Each day we receive reports from our credit card processor alerting us to any possible duplicate donations. This most often occurs if the donor accidentally clicks the “Donate” button more than once.

If a donation was truly an accidental duplicate, no action is needed on your or your donor’s part. They will only receive one receipt, and we will automatically file a refund request on their behalf. Normally the refund will be completed within four to 10 business days.

Multiple donations made by accident, such as a donor completing a transaction, backing out and completing it again must have a refund request attached before we are able to take any action. 

If one of your donors needs a refund for any reason other than a duplicate transaction described above, they need to issue a refund request by contacting  

We can only process requests made by donors themselves. We cannot issue refunds requested by anyone else doing it on the donor’s behalf.

When requesting a donation refund, the donor needs to include the following:

  • Donor name
  • Donation date
  • Intended donation amount
  • Intended recipient
  • The email address used when making the donation
Again, all refund requests must be emailed to

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