How do I send campaign updates to my existing supporters?

 If you want to email your supporters for any updates about your campaign, you can email them easily through the “Email Supporters” feature. 

To email your supporters, fundraisers and donors: 
  1. Log in to Share.Habitat.
  2. Click the "My Campaigns" tab, and select the appropriate campaign from the drop down menu (if managing multiple campaign pages).
  3. Click  the "Email" tab.
  4. Select the type of email you wish to send. (Get Donors, Get Supporters, Get Fundraisers, Send Thank You.)
  5. Email recipients may be manually entered, uploaded from Gmail or Yahoo!Mail, or loaded by clicking "Add From List". 
  6. By clicking the "Add From List" button, you can select from the list if you wish to send it specifically to your supporters, fundraisers or donors. After selecting the list or lists desired, click on "Use Lists" button.
  7. Edit the text of the email. We suggest inserting a hyperlink to your fundraising page.
  8. Click on the "Send Email" button to send your message.

Additionally, if you use the "Post Update" feature on your campaign page, be sure the mail icon is clicked at the bottom.  This will email everyone involved with your campaign letting them know you've posted an update to your campaign page.

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