What type of content should I include on my campaign page?

The importance of telling your organization’s story lies in your ability to build an emotional appeal for support. We recommend having at least two sections of content so that individuals can better absorb the information. Be sure to include information on why you are asking for their support, where their donations will go, what your organization does, and the context of this campaign within your organization’s overarching goals.

Section 1: The Why: 
Succinctly sum up what this campaign is about and why it’s compelling for individuals to donate. This is also your chance to call attention to how the money you are collecting will be used (e.g. what percentage goes toward the program you are soliciting support for, how far the donation will go to helping the issue, etc.)

Section 2: The Who:
This is your chance to make your campaign shine. Here, talk about the larger problem your organization tackles, not just what you are trying to achieve in this campaign. Give more context on the beneficiaries of the money donated; this will help define and give character to the people you are helping, and make donor gifts seem more personal and relevant.

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